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In 1895 two young Cape Cod fishermen, Ed Crocker and Bill Winsor, came to Boston's historic fish pier to sell their local catch. What started with fresh local Cod, Haddock and Pollock has grown into a World leader in frozen seafood distribution. The first thing Ed and Bill learned was that seafood consumers wanted a product they could trust to provide them with quality, consistency and value. This still remains our primary focus and the guidelines we use for packing our Winsor Bay products.

Sustainability – Since 1895

Our founder’s original philosophy - dedication to quality and protection of our seafood supplies - still remains our primary focus and the guideline we use for packing our nationally distributed Winsor Bay™ line of seafood products. From the very first time Ed and Bill fished our cold, clear oceans, each one learned to respect the generous supply of seafood supplied by Massachusetts waters. Both men wanted to be sure that nature’s great sources of seafood be sustained and appreciated, so that every time our fishing fleets set sail, supplies would be abundant. This has been our policy, long before “sustainability” became more of a marketing word than a real practice.

For more than 115 years, Crocker & Winsor Seafoods has continued to build on our selection of over 600 different seafood items. Using our vast contacts around the globe, we now develop products to satisfy your requirements in the ever-changing seafood economy. We strive, daily, to anticipate and meet the needs of distributors, wholesalers, retail and restaurant chains throughout the United States.

Respect for the ocean. Respect for our customers.
This is the key to being in business since 1895.