Benefits of Frozen
Convenience: Frozen seafood is most convenient because you use it when you need it. Just take it from the freezer and it's as flavorful as the day you bought it. Frozen seafood offers added convenience to consumers. Since it is less perishable, frozen seafood can be used over a longer period of time without any significant loss in quality. Also, frozen seafood can be prepared by almost any cooking method. You don't even have to defrost it before baking.
Economy: Frozen seafood generally offers a more stable and affordable price since they offer a buffer to the wild fluctuations in supply that affect fresh seafood. Most frozen fish fillets provide good yields. Waste such as bones, are already discarded. Frozen seafood can also be less expensive because shipping is done more economically and efficiently.
Variety: You have the option to select any species of seafood, in the portion size for any manner of preparation you prefer: breaded, grilled, sautéed, baked broiled, blackened...and more!
Availability: Some seasons for fish last only a few weeks or even days. Catching and freezing these short-season species enable consumers to enjoy these delicious seafoods with outstanding quality and delicate flavor, all year long.
Taste: Sophisticated equipment quickly freezes seafood products within hours of capture to bring consumers a "fresh caught" flavor. Yes, it's true frozen seafood can actually be fresher than fresh.
Quality: Seafood is frozen at the peak of freshness to lock in nutrients and preserve texture.
Nutrition: More consumers are searching for heart-healthy seafood: low in sodium, low in fat, low in calories, and an excellent source of protein.